Artificial Intelligence for Engineers E-Book


Course Outcome

CO1 Understand the evolution and various approaches of AI

CO2 Understand data storage, processing, visualization, and its use in regression ,Clustering etc.                                                                        CO3 Understand natural language processing and chatbots

CO4 Understand the concepts of neural networks

CO5 Understand the concepts of face, object, speech recognition and robots



Unit 1 : An overview to AI: The evolution of AI to the present, Various approaches to AI,What should all engineers know about AI?,Other emerging technologies, AI and ethical concerns

Unit 2:  Data & Algorithms: History Of Data, Data Storage And Importance of Data and its Acquisition, The Stages of data processing, Data Visualization, Regression, Prediction & Classification, Clustering & Recommender Systems

Unit 3:  Natural Language Processing: Speech recognition, Natural language understanding, Natural language generation, Chatbots,  Machine Translation

Unit 4: Artificial Neural Networks: Deep Learning, Recurrent Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, The Universal Approximation Theorem, Generative Adversarial Networks

Unit 5:  Applications: Image and face recognition,Object recognition, Speech Recognition besides Computer Vision, Robots, Applications


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