Principle of Programming Language Handwritten Notes



Unit-I. Introduction  :The Role of Programming Languages: Why Study Programming Languages,
Towards Higher-Level languages, Programming paradigms, Programming
Language Description: Syntactic structure, language Translation Issues: Programming
language Syntax, Stages in translation, Formal translation Models
Unit- II. Language Properties: Modeling Language Properties, Elementary Data Types, Encapsulation, Inheritance,
Sequence Control, Subprogram Control
Unit-III. Programming Paradigms :Imperative Programming: Statements, Types, Procedure Activations
Object-Oriented Programming: Grouping Of Data and Operations, object oriented
Functional Programming: Elements, Programming in a Typed language, Programming
with lists
Unit-IV. Other Programming Paradigms : Logic Programming, Concurrent Programming, Network Programming , Language
Description: Semantic Methods
Unit-V. Lambda Calculus : Introduction to Lambda Calculus, Simple types, Subtyping


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